The Machine Rages On

The self titled album from Rage against The Machine in 1992 was like an air raid siren in itself and a call to drop everything and join up to the cause, like a hypnotic wave you were kidnapped and interrogated for its 53 minute duration!

The revolution had begun with tracks such as Bombtrack, Killing In The Name, Bullet In The Head, and another four unimpeachable uncompromising monsters Take The Power Back, Know Your Enemy, Wake Up, Fistful Of Steel.Fingers of blame point at RATM for the advent of rap-metal, not least as De La Rocha does actually drop his lines with true hip-hop flair. This wasn’t some lazy Frankenstein’s monster grafting of two cultures or re-approximating street culture into suburban anger. The Machine Rages on pick us up and transport us all back to how we originally felt, stomping and striding to the gorilla warfare call on the dance floor of your nearest rock club expressing the potent cocktail confusion mix of adrenaline alcohol and teen testosterone that shoots through your brain when that bassline drops. The machine rages on are first timers for Festwich and they have promised to deliver with no compromises!